Exam Notification from HNBGU Confirm or not 2021 ?

Exam notification from HNBGU (Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University) 2021.
In this pandemic time, many questions are rising day by day like the exam of HNBGU will be offline or online? Will the university take the exam or they promote to the next class?

If the exam will conduct then when the exam will conduct?

Will, you be promoted this year? What will happen for 3rd-year students?

Many more questions are overwhelming the student’s minds. But in this article, some questions will solve and make you relieved.

In 2020, in many semesters, students can’t prepare for exams and even can’t give exams. As per Government regulations, no colleges should be allowed for offline exams due to the pandemic situation.

So Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna University has to promote all semester students to their next semester and the grades provided by the online projects from students to their college.

By reviewing the projects and assignments, the HNB University gave them the points and promoted them to the next level.

When the Corona cases decreases in Uttarakhand, then HNB University conducted offline exams. The university allowed colleges to conduct the exams.

External exams happen but only 1-2 exam was conducted after that the cases in Uttarakhand got the spike in corona cases graph. Then government again put a lockdown and closed the colleges.

The remaining exams or the pending exams of the students are still waiting for my students.

Now Students are requesting HNB University to conduct exams online and end their semester to not be late for next semester.

But the HNBGU doesn’t make any reply to the students and still, there is no notification on their official site.

What if Exams not conduct ?

If the corona cases will not decrease in the future and still increasing day-by-day then there will be high chances of no exams by the University.

Like the previous year’s semester technique, they had applied to promote students and give them grades according to their assignments and projects.

If the COVID-19 graph will not decrease then, surely, HNB will not conduct offline exams. And also it is a very low chance that they will conduct any online exams types.

What If exam will Conduct?

Uttarakhand COVID-19 Cases are decreasing and it is supposed that in the next 4-5 months the cases will decrease so much that the central government will allow opening the colleges.

If the cases will decrease then the University will prefer to conduct exams offline and as the result, they get their report card based on their offline exams.

Prepare yourself now anything can happen, and by seeing the corona cases it is predictable by many professors and college union parties that this time the university will conduct an exam surely.

By promoting this semester also is not a good option in our education system, and half of the exams have already been done in many colleges. So there are many chances of the exam.

When will remaining exams conducts?

The admission of the 1st semester is already started on the 1st of June 2021 and still is ongoing.

Many exams have to conduct in other semesters also. The ending of the semester is like 3rd or 5th in June or July so University has a very short period of time to conduct the remaining exams.

And for 1st-semester students, their semester starts from Sept 2021 and should be ending before Jan 2021.

*Be prepared for the exams and study at home regularly because there are high chances of exams (whether they will be offline or online).

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