Get HNBGU External Solved paper online? 2022

Hey Hnbguguide viewers, your wait for that feature will end in a few days, as the better or good piece of news is coming for you.

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    As we got many comments and in our request platform, students always asked for solved papers for the questions papers.

    But at that time we just replied in negative and we felt that we have to improve and take out a new feature to help out students.

    HNBGU Guide now coming with a new feature on this site to solve a big problem that the students are facing.

    What is this Feature?

    This Feature is new on our site.

    We are preparing and our team will be going to launch this feature in the upcoming month.

    This feature helps the students to get the solved papers for the external previous year papers. And get the exact answers to that full question paper.

    This feature is known for the students who want the solved paper for the question papers and prepare itself from the external paper.

    Why this Feature?

    Many Hnbgu Students prepare for external exams and in hnbgu external papers, it is important to see the previous year’s papers of that paper.

    So when a student finds the answers for that question paper it consumes a lot of time.

    And in student life, time is the most precious thing for their career. And to save that time or help the students to find the answers fast, we will be preparing for this feature.

    This Solved paper Feature helps the student to get the answer paper as soon as possible and always be prepared for their exams.

    How does this Feature help?

    The feature of giving the solved external papers to the students directly, and the students get the exact answers to the whole paper in simple words can help in many ways for the students.

    How can solve helps you?

    • It can give you an idea about the exam pattern.
    • Many questions are repeated or asked the same in different formats.
    • Can help you with how many words are required for particular questions.
    • Can teach how to write the perfect answer.
    • Give you confidence about the exam because doing the previous year’s papers and getting the solved answers can boost your confidence during exam time.
    • Helps you to get a good CGPA or SGPA.

    As we analyze many external papers and the data that HNB University external papers can be solved efficiently if the students know everything (how to write, management of time, solved previous years’ papers).

    Is it Paid or Free of cost?

    Now the big query is coming that these solved papers will be paid or free?

    As the team is thinking about this topic. You can comment about your ideas on this topic.

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